How to Debug iOS Extensions using Xcode

This video is a tutorial showing how to debug an iOS share extension using Xcode. In the tutorial, the extension is created to accept documents from any application, and Microsoft Word for iOS is used as the document share source. The objective of the technique is to set breakpoints and view debug logs within the extension after Microsoft Word sends a document to the extension.

These techniques are applicable to many scenarios where you need to debug processes that are embedded with your main iOS application bundle, but running outside the main process on the device.

The video demonstrates two techniques:

  1. Using the debugger to wait for the extension’s process to be started by the external application.
  2. Starting the debugger with the extension’s scheme.

Both techniques are useful, and the demo highlights some advantages enjoyed by the second alternative.

Author: Rob Kerr

Consultant and expert in software development for the iOS and Android platforms. Microsoft MVP Alumnus.

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