CARROT Wellness

“CARROT is a mobile health and wellness program that uses personalized goals and instant gratification to motivate people to live more active lifestyles. CARROT’s individualized, “gamified” approach is truly disruptive in the health and wellness industry, particularly when it comes to engagement.”

I lead the mobile development efforts.  During 2016-2018 I enhanced the existing code base to add new features, an Apple Watch extension, wheelchair support, new 3rd-party integrations and continuously improved the quality and performance.  In 2018 I am the sole developer leading the migration of both iOS and Android front-end applications to a Xamarin-Forms architecture.

My Role

Lead Mobile Application Developer


iOS, Swift, Azure, HealthKit, Bluetooth, iBeacons, In-App Purchases, watchOS, WatchKit, Push Notifications, Facebook SDK, Firebase, Branch.IO

Carrot Wellness Web Site

Carrot Wellness in App Store

  • Client Name: CARROT Pass
  • Completed Date: March 30, 2019
  • Tools: Android | Azure | C# | Google | HealthKit | Swift | Xamarin | Xcode