Driver on Tap

Lead iOS Developer

Driver on Tap provides a on-call chauffeur service to consumers, serving as an on-call designated driver, and as on-call drivers for elderly or other consumers who may be unable to drive.  The overall solution is comprised of a “Consumer App” used by customers to call for drivers, provide payment and monitor transaction process–as well as a “Driver” app for drivers to indicate availability and receive driving assignments.

I took over the iOS app development post-MVP to replace the original UI design with a refined design consistent with the Android UX.  I also integrated Google Maps for location display and turn-by-turn direction routing, integration of Uber SDKs to provide drivers with return ride arrangements and significant architecture changes and performance improvements to the iOS code base.

My Role

Lead iOS Developer


iOS, Swift, AWS, Push Notifications, Uber SDK

Driver on Tap in the News

  • Client Name: Driver On Tap
  • Completed Date: September 17, 2016
  • Tools: Animation | AWS | CoreData | Google | Swift | Xcode