“Powerley includes an advanced visualization engine providing end users real-time energy data that drives savings. Powerley combines engaging imagery and context rich, real-time data to keep customers participating in their home energy consumption.” — Powerley Web Site

The Powerley solution combines highly engaging mobile applications, proprietary energy bridge hardware, data science-driven analytics and highly scalable IoT-based backend systems.

My role as iOS developer was primarily focused on systems integration (e.g. Shopify, Ecobee, IoT, Zendesk, Zwave), developing advanced UI components, completing early proof-of-concept for new features such as Widgets/Extensions and tvOS prototypes, developing testing tools for IoT simulation, documenting existing iOS frameworks and architectures and repackaging core components as customer-accessible iOS SDKs and Frameworks.

My Role

iOS Developer


iOS, Swift, iOT, MQTT, Shopify SDK, Ecobee SDK, AWS

Powerley Web Site

Powerley Demo Video

  • Client Name: Powerley
  • Tools: AWS | IoT | Swift | Xcode